An Introduction to Our School & Facilities
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You have taken the first step by visiting our web site to learn more about our approved training courses and our facilities. Your next step is to visit the School, where a member of staff will be available to personally advise and ensure that you receive answers to all questions that you might have if we have not answered them here on this site.

Whether your interest is in being a Private Pilot or an Airline Transport Pilot, our personal development and training will be of invaluable assistance in helping you reach your goal.


The School commenced operations in the Summer of 1981 and has been a family-run operation since 1989.  This year we celebrate our 41st year of flying training and aeroplane hire.



The South Warwickshire Flying School at Wellesbourne Mountford is situated in the pleasant Shakespearean County of Warwickshire, just a twenty minute drive from Royal Leamington Spa and only ten minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon. Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome was brought into operation for the Royal Air Force in 1941 and remained a government owned aerodrome until 1964. It is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority for flight training, with a cafeteria and modern flight briefing facilities within its Control Tower. The School is located on its own designated area at the northern end of the aerodrome and the Club-house has a comfortable lounge with cold drinks and a coffee bar.


We offer flying training at all levels from a full UK Part-FCL Private Pilots Licence (Aeroplanes) (PPL(A)), a Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL), an Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating, Night Rating, Flight Radio-Telephony Operators Licence (FRTOL), all on either a full or part-time basis. We operate seven days a week for flight crew training and aeroplane hire.




Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome has an Information Service in operation from the Air Traffic Control Tower. There are two tarmac runways, which are used by its home based aeroplanes. Once airborne, aeroplanes receive a radar service from Birmingham Air Traffic Control, whilst in the training area. The School's location is ideal for flight training - no congestion or smog, just open flat farmland over which to practice your manoeuvres. Time and money are saved by not having to wait at the runway because of commercial traffic. The informal, yet professional, and friendly atmosphere enjoyed by our students enables them to learn much faster.


If you are ready to move into the ranks of the pilot fraternity, we are ready to give you expert guidance and the training to help develop and make you a highly skilled and competent pilot. Our courses blend study material, full ground school, instructor and training aeroplane into a single system utilising the latest techniques. You will enjoy the built in flexibility which allows you to read your text books at home, at your office and whilst making good use of the extensive audio-visual training lectures available at the School.



If you look carefully at our estimate of a forty five hour course, you will be aware of an indication of your eventual total cost in obtaining a licence provided, of course, you attain the required standards within the minimum amount of hours. From experience, and the advice of many national aviation bodies, we suggest that you budget for an additional five to ten hours and strive to complete within the minimum amount of flying hours.


Comfortable and pleasant hotels are dotted around the area. The aerodrome cafeteria and hotels, like the Charlecote Pheasant Hotel shown here alongside, serve regular meals at reasonable prices. Our Operations Desk will furnish you with further details.

If you are interested in more details, telephone our Operations Desk or visit the School at your earliest convenience. We shall be delighted to answer any questions and to tell you more about our system of training - no obligation, of course. We strive very hard to provide all our members with good service and to make their visits enjoyable and their flying pleasurable.

"Our training is second to none."