Dave Scott-Morgan - Flying Instructor

Dave was born in Birmingham in August 1942.  He was educated at Bordesley Green Technical School.  Following various employment in engineering and the motor trade, he entered the music industry playing with local Birmingham pop and rock bands.

Dave learnt to fly in 1974 and has been a part-time Staff Instructor at the School since 1989.  He normally instructs on flying scholarship courses run at the School during the summer months.  As a commercial pilot, Dave flew for Air Taxis Ltd at Birmingham, conducting charter and traffic reporting flights. He later became part owner of the company before selling it on to a jet operator. He also runs an aviation software business which is used by small charter operators.

He is lay pastor of a church in Birmingham, and performs and sings modern hymns along with his wife Mandy.

Dave's musical past hails from the 'Brum-beat' bands and groups of the 60's and 70's - including Magnum where he played bass guitar.  He played guitar in the Ugly's.  His songs brought him wider notice when recorded by groups such as The Move, Wishful Thinking and others.

From 1981 to 1986 he played with The Electric Light Orchestra (better known as ELO).  He played guitar, synth, vocoder and sang back-up vocals.  He was a studio musician on the album 'Secret Messages' and also worked on Jeff Lynne's 'Armchair Theatre' solo album released in 1990.

Dave long time collaboration with Richard Tandy has resulted in the concept album 'Earth Rise', the single 'Berlin' and together with guitarist Martin Smith, the 'BC Collection' CD album and the charity single 'Action'.

Life changed completely in 1988 when Dave became a born-again Christian.  He was soon composing inspirational songs.  The album 'Call' released in 1997, represents a 16 track compilation of modern hymns.  It includes 'God's Good Time'.  In 1999 the album 'Long Way Home' was released and 'Angel Light' in 2001.

Dave photographed on his wedding day along with the other members of The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)