Discovery Flights

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It may be the first step you take on the way to attaining your 'Wings' and your Private Pilots Licence. Telephone our Operation Desk (+44 (0)1789 840094) and we shall be pleased to schedule you in for a half hour 'Discovery Flight' which will cost you just 101.50p.  A handy accompaniment to the flight would be to include the purchase of a small 64 page colour illustrated booklet labeled The Introductory Flying Lesson which guides you through all you need to know about the first flight, including important information on continuing on to train for your licence and a logbook entry sheet to log your first lessons.  The booklet costs 5.

When you arrive, you will be met by a member of staff, who will welcome you to the School and introduce you to your flying instructor at the scheduled time. Your instructor will give you a pre-flight briefing which will cover the route to be flown, an explanation of the cockpit instruments and a short brief on the effects of the primary flying controls : just to give you an understanding and an introduction to your first handling of the controls of an aeroplane.

Once the instructor has settled you into the pilot's seat and helped you into your harness, he will start, taxy and take-off the aeroplane into the training area. Once in the air, the instructor will demonstrate, and then give you control of the aeroplane and ask you to repeat the manoeuvres under his guidance. You will also have the opportunity of taking in the scenery and to experience the thrill of just flying the aeroplane around the sky. After landing, your instructor will answer any questions and, if you wish, comment on your flying aptitude. He will then present you with a 'Certificate of Achievement'.

You may be interested to know that a 'Discovery Flight Gift Certificate' can be purchased from the School as a uniquely memorable gift for any special occasion.

What Now...?

If you have at that stage been convinced by the experience, we shall be pleased to explain the whole process of gaining your licence in full detail. we shall show you around the School and the system of training and will also be able to supply you with the details of a CAA AME for you to arrange a medical examination. This examination is normally completed within the first ten hours of your course.