Paddy Elliott - Ops Desk


Paddy assumed his duties in the Summer of 1989. In February 2003 he was appointment a Company Director and held that position until 2020.  He is responsible for a number of operations including the maintenance of all the School facilities like the building, the fittings, furniture and equipment.

He was born and educated in Solihull. Entered the Austin Motor Company as an apprentice toolmaker. During that time, Austin produced, as part of the war requirements, aeroplane components and assemblies in addition to other automobile vehicles which were destined for government use.

Paddy was called-up for National Service at the end of the War and served as a Storeman in the Royal Air Force. He served abroad in Egypt. On his return to civilian life, he rejoined his old firm at Longbridge in the press tool department. He gradually moved on to become a Supervisor and during the following years, covered various production activities, from engine components to body and vehicle assembly. On retirement from Rover cars in 1988, following 50 years of service to that company, he arrived at this School to fulfill a lifetime ambition of obtaining his pilots licence. He is in his late 90's now and has now logged well over a thousand flying hours.  His knowledge of aviation and aeroplanes through the ages is unquestionable and his knowledge is called upon on many an occasion.