Ray Stock - Head of Training & Flight Examiner

  Ray was born near Ringway (Manchester) Airport sometime in the last millennium and brought up in nearby Blackpool.  During his final year in School, Ray was selected and granted a Fleet Air Arm flying scholarship which commenced his successful flying career.  Whilst studying at London University, he joined the University Air Squadron, training on Royal Air Force Chipmunks.

Ray joined British Airways over 30 years ago and after a long career retired from the Boeing 747 fleet in 2002.  During his final decade with the Airline he was appointed a training captain, and thus decided to continue instructing with his Club to share his knowledge and experience with all those wishing to join the flying fraternity.  He was appointed a Flight Examiner in July 2011.

Ray is married to Barbara and they reside under a wide leg of the circuit pattern in Tiddington.