Richard Brew - Flying Instructor

Richard was born in Birmingham and attended St.Edmund Campion School.  He learned to fly at South Warwickshire Flying School at the age of 17.  On leaving School he entered the family wholesale hardware business in 1991 and continued to fly recreationally until 1999.

Following marriage, Richard embarked upon turning his passion into a professional flying career and studied for an obtained a Commercial Pilots Licence.

Richard thereafter commenced his flying instructing training at the School and was given an immediate staff appointment in 2001.  He is the Chief Pilot of DHL UK and regularly flies the flying Boeing 767 and Boeing 757's.  He remains one of our Staff Instructors.

Whenever his airline schedule permits, which is normally during the weekends, Richard continues instructing and is allocated pupils who schedule their lessons accordingly.  He remains a dedicated flying instructor and an asset to the profession.

Paula and Richard have a daughter Clara Louisa.